SRT-CHROMING has developed a ground breaking effective process for chromium plating.

This simple process can be used for each metallic product without having to treat or polish the surface during the active operation.

The opportunities provided by the process are evident in the large market in the area of the automotive industry for chrome rims alone.

As a result of this development, there is the possibility of manufacturing chrome rims in a fully automated and reliable manner and at a considerably higher quality.

We offer our brochure as a PDF in ENGLISH and GERMAN for download.


For the first time, the new SRT-CHROMING process will make it possible to offer chrome wheels worldwide.

Until now, merely chrome-plated wheels have been available and predominantly on the US market, the manufacture of which however was considerably more expensive.

Additionally, as a result of the severe embrittlement of the aluminium, the extremely stringent test standards set by the European market were not met.


An automated application of a special powder coat on the one hand provides a smooth surface and ensures excellent corrosion protection on the other hand.

As a result, time-consuming grinding and polishing by hand is not required. Because powdered paint cannot be chrome plated, the rim is subsequently coated with a patented ABS-similar liquid paint. This liquid paint can be chromium plated utilising the principle of the chromium plating of plastic (ABS).
The subsequent chromium plating of the rim – the build-up with copper, nickel, chrome – is already state of the art.


Immediately following production, aluminium rims are automatically powder coated to a high gloss. Advantage: Common manual processing is not necessary. Subsequently, liquid paint is applied. The electroplating process can be started and does not have to be interrupted after the first copper bath in order to perform additional polishing. As a result, the sequence is shortened significantly (energy saving) and less copper has to be applied (saving of material). The customary embrittlement of the material does not occur, enabling the rims to meet the strict test requirements set by the EURO standard.











The SRT process enables an automation of the chromium-plating process. Interruptions of the processes due to the need for manual grinding and polishing are removed. An embrittlement of the aluminium is avoided. The time gain achieved during manufacture is remarkable.








The manufacturing process is shortened

Machinery and energy costs are decreased

Personnel costs are saved

The customary scrap rate is reduced significantly

Time is money.

High-quality, glossy chrome rims and other glossy chrome products are manufactured.



Chrome rims, which are manufactured with the new process, pass all required tests of the German automotive industry with flying colours.

American manufacturers of chrome wheels, who were introduced to the process, have shown great interest in the technology.

The demand in Germany alone covers several million wheels annually.

Manufacturing costs:

Due to the use of the new and highly effective SRT process, depending on the design and size, a cost reduction of 30-50% can be achieved during the production of chrome rims.


Due to the new process, there is the possibility of producing chrome wheels in a fully automated, reliable and considerably more cost-efficient manner.

As a result, the successful marketing of the new necessary powder and liquid paint products is facilitated.

We offer our brochure as a PDF in ENGLISH and GERMAN for download.